Review of XIAOMI Mi Band 3

Xiaomi mi band 3 different colors

A high-performance fitness tracker and also a little smartwatch

A short review

In the middle of spring 2018, Xiaomi continued the process of delivering high-quality products in the field of smart and healthcare bands and released the third Mi Band. This model has better features than the previous model, Mi band 2. The key charms of Mi Band 3 are as follows.

xiaomi mi band 3 different colors

Full screen touch

And Capable of displaying 48 characters

Xiaomi mi band battery

Long battery life up to 20 days

Despite many features

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Xiaomi mi band 3 secure strap

Secure and tight locking mechanism

makes Mi difficult to lose from its strap

Xiaomi mi band 3 in water

Durability up to 50 meters

water (pool or shore) depth or 5 ATM water pressure

Xiaomi mi band 3 Capacitive button

The capacitive button functions

while your phone is ringing, a short press on the capacitive button can silent the call and a long press to reject it. When you want to check time or activity, tap on the button shortly.

Xiaomi mi band 3 Instant message

The instant message display

Instant messages of WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, QQ, etc. and Incoming call or SMS notification displays onto the screen

Xiaomi mi band 3 Inactivity alert

Inactivity alert

when you are too busy to forget the time (for at least 1 hour), Mi will remind you to be active and take a walk.

Xiaomi mi band 3 find your phone

Find your phone or Mi band

with your Mi you can find your phone. While enabling this feature your phone make a sound (as default or set a custom ringtone) to find it. Also, Mi band App can make your band to vibrate strongly, so you can find the band.

Xiaomi mi band 3 Step counter

Accurate Step counter

By upgraded step counter algorithm, Mi counts your every steps.

Xiaomi mi band 3 sleep monitoring

Sleep monitoring

It Collects all data about your light and deep sleep and helps you to have better sleep habits.

Specification tables

General specificationsDescription
Brand \ ModelXiaomi \ Mi Band 3
Application typeDaily use, Sport
dimension17.9 x 46.9 x 12 mm
Total length of wrist strap247 mm
Adjustable length of wristband155-216 mm
Shape of screenOval
Strap materialthermoplastic elastomer (TPE)( Skin-friendly)
For more info about TPE click here
Strap lock typeSimple buckle
Band DetachableYes
Buckle materialAluminum alloy
Body materialPlastic
WeightApprox. 20g (including wristband)

Display screenDescription
Touch screenYes
screen typeOLED (Black & White)
screen size0.78 inch (48 characters display)
Display resolution128 x 80
Pixel density193 pixel per inch

Battery SpecificationDescription
Battery typeLi-Ion Polymer
Battery capacity110 mAh
Input voltage5 V DC
Input current250 mA Max
Standby timeApprox. 20 days
Charging time2 hours

AbilitiesDisplays the time, Screen lights up when you lift your wrist, Vibrating alarm, Do not disturb mode, Timer, Low battery reminder, Screen lock, OTA upgrade
More about OTA
OTA or Over-The-Air is method for delivery of updating, distributing new software or configuration setting to a device via Wi-Fi or other wireless networks.
For more info refer to this website page

HealthAutomatic step counter, Automatic sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, Calorie counter, mileage (with calculation method, GPS is not equipped), Goal reminders, inactivity alerts (sedentary alerts)
Phone connectivityDisplays incoming call/rejects, event reminders, phone unlock, phone locator, Weather forecast (Display weather forecasts for up to three days), Dial replacement, notification browsing, instant messages (WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages,etc.View Latest 5 messages, each one up to 3 slides)
More about event reminder
Mi Fit App can set a reminder and Mi band can remind it to you with vibration and display reminder text. Notice that, reminder text of Mi band is limited to 15 words. You can download and install Mi fit from google play.
There are also other apps in google play, one of them is “Mi Band “.

More specificationsDescription
Models that support the unlock functionModels running MIUI systems on Android 4.4 or higher or Android 5.0 or higher and which support the Smart Lock function.
MIUI info
MI User Interface, abbreviated MIUI (pronunciation: Me You I) is a stock and aftermarket firmware for smartphones and tablet computers developed by Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi. The firmware is based on Google’s Android operating system.
Setting requirementsPhones with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or higher
Resists againstDust, water
Waterproof info
50 meters underwater or 5ATM- It can be worn in the shower, in the pool, or while swimming near the shore. It is not suitable for saunas or diving.
Operating temperature-10℃~50℃
Sensors3-axis accelerometer and PPG heart rate sensor
Wireless connectivityBluetooth 4.2 BLE
BLE info
BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy. This Bluetooth is more suitable for IoT (internet of thing) like Mi band3, faster (250% better than 4.1), more power-efficient and highly secure. BLE type is a good choice because when activity data such as heart rate is being tracked in real-time, it reduces battery consumption.

A close look

Images and context are adapted from Mi Global, Mr.Noob ,Semiconductorstore and Digikala websites.


After the study of more than 600 consumers’ comments on AliExpress and Gearbest websites, we analyzed them and prepared the following sections. These sections form the CFA method and we strongly recommend to see the “CFA method “page to get familiar with this method.

Comments table

  • You can find description about Comments table here .
  • Horizontal scrolling of the table is enabled on low width screens.


According to “Comments table”, we provide you the pie charts of comments in different categories. You can toggle between different charts by following lists. Please be patient while loading charts.

Comments rating chart about sensors measurement accuracy of Mi Band 3

Comments rating chart about Quality (strap /body/screen) of Mi Band 3

Comments rating chart about purchase recommendation of Mi Band 3



Comments rating chart about Beauty of Mi Band 3



Comments rating chart about hardware performance of Mi Band 3



Comments rating chart about battery of Mi Band 3



Comments rating chart about application performance of Mi Band 3



Comments rating chart about design (body / weight) of Mi Band 3



Questions & Answers

GearsGuide challenges Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with the following questions. 

According to the “Battery” ratings, most of the comments are satisfactory. The full battery lasts between 15 to 25 days for daily uses but the more use of Mi features, the more battery consumption.

  1. Durability: Good
    More than 70% of comments in “Design” and “Quality” categories are in “Good” rating so we give Good rating to the screen durability. Note that the screen of Mi Band 3 is not scratch-resistant, although being anti-scratch is not a part of its specification.
  1. Beauty: Good
    More than 75% of comments in “Design” and “Beauty” categories are in “Good” rating so we give Good rating to the screen beauty.
  1. Readability under the sun: Poor
    Although there are not many comments on this topic, most users complain that the screen is unreadable under the sun.
  1. Underwater operation: Poor
    We can find few comments on this topic that most of them indicate dissatisfaction. The touchscreen of Mi Band 3 is not working properly underwater. However, we haven’t seen Xiaomi claim that the user can operate with the touchscreen underwater.

Yes, it is resistant and most of the comments confirm this. We haven’t found a user that has tested up to 50 meters deep, but it is suitable for regular use such as swimming in the pool or on the beach and under the shower. Be careful not to use Mi Band 3 in the sauna or hot water.

Mi 3 displays the instant message of most mobile apps, and also there is nothing negative about it in the comments. Xiaomi usually launches its products in both Chinese and global versions. The global version of Mi 3 was released a little later. We suggest that if you are not Chinese be sure to buy a global version because switching from Chinese to other languages ​​has to do something that you may have trouble with it.

However, more than 80% of consumers have satisfaction with software operation, both Mi software and mobile apps but Xiaomi has to go further in this section especially in mobile apps. Some of the negative feedbacks of mobile apps summarized as follows.

Negative feedbacks of Mi Fit (Official app of Xiaomi): Firmware updates without any warning, battery life drains quickly, Persian language not supported, no option to change the language of Mi within the app.

Negative feedbacks of Mi Band: Too many ads and ads remove cost 8 dollars per month.

There are other mobile apps in google play store like Mi Bandage , Master for Mi Band.

As you can see in the “Sensors measurement accuracy” category in the comments table and related chart, consumers have given the step counter and heartbeat a good rating. Of course, about 15% of consumers have given negative comments, such as counting the steps when getting in a car or not having a precise heartbeat. The important thing is that the measurement error percentage is acceptable because we should not expect any more from this low-priced and multiple functions fitness tracker.


GearsGuide recommends Mi Band 3 to the following persons. The recommendations are offered, depending on the different specifications of Mi and the conditions of the persons.

Money Savers

The persons who want to save their money and don't spend a lot and also want to have a good fitness tracker.

Daily Use

Powerful battery, Low weight, Suitable strap, Instant message, etc. make daily use easier for whom use Mi for this purpose.

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Consumers Selected Comments

  • It can put the phone in Silent mode.
  • It has a stopwatch that is useful.
  • Displaying all of Notifications refer to Apps, SMS and calls.
  • Automatic monitoring of sleep and resting quality, this is so useful for professional athletes
  • It’s lightweight and comfortable and you do not feel it all day and night.
  • The battery life of 15 to 20 days without heartbeat monitoring and 7 to 10 days with heartbeat monitoring.
  • If your elderly parents can’t hear the ringtone of their cellphones especially when they are out of home, buy one of this bands for them because it has long vibration when their phone is ringing.
  • The most efficient features of this band are: Finding cellphone by ringing the phone and Vibrating when receive a call or message.
  • You can change the theme of displaying time by the band and no need for the cellphone.
  • I did not get used to wristbands, but this one is very light and convenient.
  • I am totally satisfied with Mi band 3 and there is no problem. If it could answer the phone call it would be nice.
  • Its sensors work with low measurement error
  • I tested it underwater and it’s working normally.
  • In compare with Mi band 2, it has a new option that you can determine, for example, at night the light of the screen becomes dimmer and increase the light over the day.
  • DND mode or don’t disturb me mode is very interesting because it could be configured somehow to not alert.
  • Its screen is not scratch-resistant. Its display is hard to see under sunlight. The step counter is not working accurately.
  • It counts steps more than it does, for example if you walk slowly it counts each step twice.
  • Limited themes for displaying of time.
  • When I am in a pool, its screen constantly turns off and on. It makes me nervous.
  • Its step counter is counting even when I am in my car!!!!
  • Notifications are read from the phone but not automatically cleared from the band.
  • It will occasionally lose track of my heart rate when I’m running but I’ve heard the same thing happens for its competitors too.
  • For users who are dissatisfied with the accuracy of their heart rate sensor: If you look at the brochure inside the box, they will see how the correct insertion on the wrist. I checked with the OMRON barometer, which is almost equal.
  • An important note: according to FAQ of Mi Fit App, for charging of Mi band 3 Do not use of power banks and chargers with more than 1 Ampere output.
  • The wristband warns you when its battery reaches 15%.
  • Ability to record alarms apart from the phone alarms
  • Smooth screen that can be solved by purchasing a screen cover (you need to have enough experience in buying the screen cover and installing it because I bought two of them and installed one of them wrongly.
  • I recommend to buy and install a stainless steel or leather strap for this band to make it extremely beautiful.
  • I use this watch for three months. On the twentieth day its battery reaches 37 percent. In normal use, its battery lasts for one month.
  • Note that it is not a smartwatch, it is a wristband.

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