As you know, the manufacturer of the gears (Smartwatches, Fitness tracker, etc.) usually advertises certain features of their product to attract the customer, which distinguishes it from other markets’ gears at the same classification.

Therefore, the customer has two following ways.

First way: Trusts the manufacturer’s advertising.

Second way: Researches about the gear to get the correctness of the advertisement.

Now for whom choose the second way, GearsGuide suggests the following method.

In this method, we analyze the comments of end-users on various online shopping websites in four steps. We called this method the Consumers’ feedback Analysis (CFA). In our belief, CFA is one of the best methods we can use it to analysis the gears because always the most reliable and practical results can be obtained from the analysis of consumers’ feedback.

The steps of the analysis are as follows.

Comments table


As you know, A chart is a great tool to make data analysis quick and easy and have a better overview of the data. So, we use pie charts to represent the data of each row from the comments table (each category) in percentage terms. In the following, you will see the pie chart of the example table in the previous section. Hover on any slice of the chart to see more info.



Questions & Answers


Each gear has specific features that may not work for everyone. So, in this section, we introduce the right people for whom the gear works best. Of course, this is only our recommendation, and it is up to the users to decide whether the gear responds to their needs or not.