GearsGuide shows you a new way of review of smart electronic gears, for example, smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart home appliances, etc. to get a better and deeper look at these products.

These are my most important criteria in any review.


The best policy is honesty. I give you the analysis of consumers' comments without any shortcomings.


I am in no hurry to publish the content and do not sacrifice quality and precision for quantity.

Customer side

GearsGuide is on the customer side. I will be analyzed and written all of the reviews from your sight.



I don’t want to write gear review like other websites. My focus is on the consumers' feedback. After writing my two first posts, I came to the conclusion that duplicate contents, such as Product Specification, Product Images, etc. that can be found in any Review websites, only prolong the main content of my posts. So, I only devote my posts to Review the smart electronic gears using the CFA method. Of course, I also publish links to useful Review websites in my posts.“A Short Review” is the beginning section of my posts and then I write the Main content of the Review by the CFA method.


When a manufacturer produces a gear, it certainly claims important characteristics for it. My most important goal is to find whether the claims are true or not. Therefore, I read and review what consumers’ say.

Some consumers post comments on online shopping websites e.g. AliExpress, Gearbest, etc. for others to read, and these are like valuable treasures that get less attention. On the other hand, everyone can’t read all of these comments, and also, most online shopping websites may mislead people with a comprehensive analysis of these comments.
Now, by analyzing these comments, GearsGuide is trying to provide a practical and precise analysis in any posts as a section called “CONSUMERS’ FEEDBACK ANALYSIS (CFA)” based on these comments to present reliable guidance for users who want to decide on purchasing the gear.
The CFA section includes the following subsections:

Comments Tables

All feedback and comments after the analysis are categorized and ranked in some tables.

GearsGuide Rating

I give score to each subcategories of Comments tables to make it easy for you to see the pros and Cons.

Pros & Cons

According to the users comments and The Rating, I bring you the Pros & Cons of the gear .


Due to the features of the gear, I recommend it to the people who are right for them.

Selected Comments

GearsGuide gives you some positive and negative comments and also some with specific points that can help you.

Shopping Link

If you think the gear is the one that looks for, I offer you some buy links from reliable online shopping websites.

About me

Hello there

I am Mahmood, the writer and also founder of GearsGuide. First of all, I have to say that I’m not English and this is my first English blog that’s why I write all the Reviews in the formal language. Google Translate helps me writing and I appreciate it.

You may be asking yourself why I started this website even though there are so many comprehensive websites on smart electronic equipment. First of all, I am personally interested in smart electronic equipment and I’m happy that these devices are improving the quality of our lives.

After reading most review websites, I found that they had all written their own reviews based on expert analysis or various tests. At this moment an idea came to my mind to write the reviews based on consumer’s comments on the product. In my opinion, if someone wants to purchase a product, has to be aware of other’s people experience about that product. Well, I do this in a comprehensive method and name it as Consumers’ Feedback Analysis-CFA.

But I have to mention something. This method requires a lot of user feedback. So, for those who want to buy the newest products as soon as possible, CFA method does not meet their expectations because I need users’ comments after using the product to write this review type. However, I always try my best to improve the content of my website.

Yours sincerely, Mahmood.

Here anyone can contact me.

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